Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Review - LUSH Lip Scrub in Bubblegum

I really wanted to do a post on this day that only happens every 4 years (Yes, I'm a dork like that)!
 Continue reading and enjoy my short and sweet post on my latest LUSH product - Lip Scrub in Bubblegum :)

As with all LUSH products, this lip scrub is also handmade with fresh ingredients such as sugar, organc jojoba oil and etc. They come in 3 different flavours: Bubblegum, Mint Chocolate Chip, and Chocolate - I decided to go for Bubblegum and it tastes exactly like its name! These lip scrubs are made from grains of castor sugar, and just by scrubbing a tiny amount on your lips it will help exfoliate and clear dead or flaky skin whilst the jojoba oil will leave your lips feeling super smooth and moisturised.

I really like this lip scrub! It's my first store-bought one, I usually make my own at home when I've got the time but this is a pretty good alternative and plus it's pink! I typically try to use this every night (if I can remember) and I use a very small amount, I reckon 25g will last me several months. Now although it's sugar and smells/taste yummy, I would suggest wiping it off after you've finished scrubbing rather than licking it off since that would mean you're ingesting your own dead skin cells albeit you will end up tasting a little bit. After wiping it off, I then slather a generous amount of my favourite lip balm and off to Dreamland I go...and wake up to very moisturised lips. On a day when I plan on wearing lipstick, I would sometimes use the scrub again just to make sure when I do apply lipstick the colour doesn't cling onto any flaky skin because that just ain't a good look!

What's your favourite lipscrub?

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