Thursday, 22 March 2012

Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoo - 40-Permanent Taupe

Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoo in 40-Permanent Taupe

Look what I managed to get my hands on? 
The Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoo in 40-Permanent Taupe
I know, I know, it's only the one colour but they are very hard to find right now.
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Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoo in 40-Permanent Taupe

There has been so much hype about the Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoo eyeshadows in the blogging and Youtube world ever since it first got released in the US so I've been looking forward to their UK release and guess what?? They're finally here!! Available at most Superdrug and Boots stores... And of course, they were selling out fast and I'm guessing very hard to find right now. I was lucky enough to grab the last one in the Superdrug I went to in the colour Permanent Taupe (I believe the US and UK eyeshadow names differ slightly), and thankfully it was one of the colours I really wanted to get my hands on. There's an awkward/funny story behind this purchase, I was at the Superdrug store at Victoria Station and bee-lined straight to the Maybelline section, saw that there was one pot left and grabbed it. Then another girl was at the section a few seconds later, saw that I took the last one and gave me a very pissed off look. Oops. Sorry, right place right time I guess!

40-Permanent Taupe swatch

40-Permanent Taupe is a matte taupe grey colour with brown undertones. This colour is great for the crease. These eyeshadows are very creamy and pigmented, I find that you do have to be careful when applying it on the lids because it might be a bit hard to blend once it sets. But once it sets, these eyeshadows will really amaze you - they don't budge at all! Great for oily lids like mine. I had this colour swatched on my hand and it stayed on for hours, even with me washing and wiping my hands. With these shadow pots being screw tops, one essential tip is to make sure you always screw the top back on once you're done using them because they will most likely dry out, as seen with a lot of the in-store testers.

Overall, the Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoo shadows are definitely worth all the hype and in my opinion very good drugstore cream eyeshadows. They are also a very good cheaper alternative to MAC Paint Pots.

Did you manage to get your hands on any of the Maybelline 24HR Color Tattoo shadows?


  1. I'm utterly inlove with On and On Bronze. It actually appears more like a glistening taupe on my lids!

    1. I managed to get my hands on On and On Bronze yesterday, saw the swatch on your blog and I was like "I have to get it!".


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