Saturday, 17 March 2012

Prada Candy

Just wanted to share my current favourite go-to perfume: Prada Candy! Continue reading to find out why I love this perfume.

Prada Candy was released in late August last year, I remember spotting the bottle and just had to test it... I immediately fell madly in love with the scent! It contains white musks, noble benzoin and an amazing touch of sweet caramel, giving the perfume a very unique signature and in my opinion making the perfume the ultimate sexy but sweet scent. I'm telling you if you love sweet smelling perfumes then you have to test this out, if you haven't already. Now perfume smells different on everyone because our natural body chemistry will react with the scents differently and our sense of smell may slightly differ. When I first spray this perfume on to my skin, I smell a slight mixture of fruity floral scents and once the perfume settles it smells of a heavenly mix of cotton candy and caramel...absolutely divine! As an Eau de Parfum, I get about 5 - 6 hours wear (sometimes more) out of Prada Candy which I find is very reasonable. I'm planning on getting another Travalo so I'll definitely carry this one around with me so I can always reapply, if needed.

Due to the expensive price range for this I didn't buy it back when I first saw/tested it because I couldn't bring myself to spend that amount of money. Boots (UK's largest drugstore chain) recently had an offer, where if you bought Prada Candy in 50ml or 80ml you get a free Prada makeup bag... but I still couldn't pay the price of £53 or £71, respectively. Then one day I just decided to suck it up and buy it because I really do love the smell and I don't have anything like it in my perfume collection, plus the makeup bag was a huge bonus. By the time I got to a Boots, the offer had ended (!!!), which meant no free makeup bag...but after speaking to the perfume sales assistant and smiling a lot he managed to help me find the last one in that particular store! And because the offer had ended, I was able to purchase the 30ml one which was £40 and still get the makeup bag as a gift with purchase (and lots of Boots points of course, I'm obsessed with them). To say the least, I was a very happy customer! 

I find the bottle very unique, reminds me of 70s perfume somehow because of the shape and the colours. With the 50ml/80ml bottles, the spray actually come out from the mushroom-shaped top of the perfume which threw me off when I was testing it because I kept trying to remove what I thought was the cover, and then realising there was no need for that at all since you just press down on the top and perfume sprays out. However, with the 30ml bottle the top part is a cover which was a bit disappointing when I first opened the box because I really liked the idea of just pressing the top of the perfume bottle.

Now moving on to the makeup bag:

The makeup bag comes in bright hot neon pink and black (two of my favourite colours) and is very spacious with little compartments as well, which is always a good thing for makeup junkies like me. 

 Love this bag!

I've been wearing this perfume every day since I bought it. I find that it's a really good day and night time perfume and I don't particularly find that the sweet caramel scent is overpowering (you'll love Prada Candy if you love caramel). In my opinion, it's a really good balance of sweet and musk with slight hints of floral. I would definitely repurchase a bigger bottle when I run out.


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