Friday, 20 April 2012

H&M Haul!

I recently did a HUGE shop on H&M online. My friend had kindly (or should I say damagingly?!) informed me the online sales had just started that day, so I immediately went on the site ...just for a browse. I usually don't find anything during the online sales because I never usually find my size in the things I would like to get. Little did I know that I would end up with more than 15 items! Crazy, I know! However, I got majority of my stuff this week (getting a few other things dispatched on later dates, kinda annoying!), most of which I really like but I decided to return half of the lot. So in this post you'll just see the items I decided to keep :)

Most of the items were on sale, I think the only item that wasn't on sale is the lilac butterfly   sleeves top, which you can see here. I decided not to take pictures of the pink and purple tshirts because they're just simple tshirts, but here are the other goodies:

Mushroom neutral beige coloured flats with rose gold metallic toe cap - LOVE this flats! I had wanted them when I first saw them in the store but didn't get them for some reason. But hey, managed to get them for half the price now!

Necklaces in gold and silver. I couldn't decide which colour I wanted but they were both half price so I thought why not?! 

Black cardigan that is silk blend woven in the front and knitted in the back. I got this in a size 12 because I wanted it to be a bit bigger on me and I'm planning on studding this little baby around the shoulder area.

Button up sleeveless red dress. Still debating on whether I want to keep this...

Did you haul anything from H&M recently?



  1. Arghh I love H&M! Those shoes are lovely, and the necklaces...!!

    I have nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! Here is my link to find out about it :) xx

    1. LOVE H&M, they've got so much cute stuff right now as well!
      Thank you for nominating me, I'll check it out now. xx


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