Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Illamasqua Mini Haul

During Easter, Illamasqua had a very exciting online sale that involved an 'Easter Hunt'! The discounts were so good that I couldn't pass it up! I'm a bit late on this but I only recently got around to taking photos of these - better late than never, as I always say! Continue reading to see swatches :)

Over 3 days, Illamasqua Easter Hunt revealed different items that were 50% off! The amazing discounts were revealed in the order of:

Day 1: Powder Eye Shadows in Bronx, Victim, Toxix, Stealth and Machine - £7.75 each
Day 2: Nail Varnishes in Stagnate, Muse, Jo'mina, Collide and Gamma - £6.75 each
Day 3: Powder Blushers in Hussy, Lover, Tremble, Katie, and Nymph - £8.25 each
As a bonus, on Day 4, it was revealed there was also 15% off all Illamasqua products.

I didn't get any eye shadows, although I was very close to getting Bronx (a shimmery bronze-gold) but passed on it in the end.

For nail varnishes, I decided to get:
Gamma - neon orange
Jo'mina - electric lilac

Left to right: Gamma and Jo'mina

Now for my favourite buys - Blushers!! I'm a blusher collector/hoarder, there I said it. Some might say I have way too many blushes for this one face but I can't help it. Illamasqua do a range of amazing matte blushers - extremely pigmented and they come in a range of gorgeous colours! I was so happy when they revealed that a few of their best-selling blushers were 50% off. I already own Lover (amazing apricot peach colour) and Tremble (soft lilac pink), so I opted for Hussy and Nymph. I passed on Katie because when I first bought Tremble, the makeup artist also applied Katie on me to see which one I would prefer but I found Katie a bit too powdery looking on me.

Left to right: Hussy and Nymph

As with all Illamasqua blushers, these were very pigmented - no surprises there! A light hand is key, gently tap on the blushers and you will get a lot of product. 4.5g will last you a long time! Staying power on me is at least 5 - 6 hours, sometimes more.

Here are close up shots of the blushers:

 Hussy - Bright Candy Pink, matte finish

Nymph - Warm Candy Pink, matte finish


Left to right: Hussy and Nymph, heavily swatched

Overall, I love this haul - if I do say so myself! The two blushers are perfect for summer and the nail polishes are great, I especially love Jo'mina. Gotta love Illamasqua! 


  1. ooh I want Hussy:) Love your Blog doll. Happy to be a new Follower.
    Sara xx

    1. I'm wearing Hussy today :) Thanks hun! xx


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