Saturday, 14 April 2012

My Top Nail Polish Picks for Spring/Summer

It's Friday 13th, so in honour of today, here's 13 nail polishes I think are perfect for spring and summer. Continue reading for more information and my current NOTD :)

You know I love my Essie nail polishes, so it's no surprise that most of my picks are Essie!

Left to right: Essie Topless & Barefoot, Van D'Go, Braziliant, California Coral, Canyon Coral, Mint Candy Apple

1. Topless & Barefoot - neutral beige with pink undertones 
(^One of my very first Essie colours)
2. Van D'Go - bright pastel peachy pink
3. Braziliant - very in your face bright orange with golden shimmer
4. California Coral - coral with pink undertones
5. Canyon Coral - coral red
6. Mint Candy Apple - pastel mint green

From my knowledge, you can get Essie polishes in stores like Liberty, big Boots and Superdrug stores, Harrods (I think they still have them, that's where I got Braziliant last summer) and online on

Next up, American Apparel (I would say AA polishes are my second favourite, good selection of colours, very good coverage and affordable, compared to most of the stuff in AA!).

Left to right: American Apparel Summer Peach and L'Esprit

7. Summer Peach - pastel peach 
8. L'Esprit - pastel lilac with blue undertones

Next up, I personally think Barry M polishes are one of the best drugstore polishes out there - inexpensive, good coverage and very accessible (can be found in most Boots and Superdrug stores for £2.99 and there's currently a 3 for 2 offer).

Left to right: Barry M Shocking Pink, Pink Flamingo, Cobalt Blue, Blueberry Ice Cream

9. Shocking Pink - it is what it is, a shocking pink colour
10. Pink Flamingo - bright pink, not quite Barbie pink but it's close
11. Cobalt Blue - gorgeous rich cobalt blue
12. Blueberry Ice Cream - light sky blue

Last but not least, O.P.I. I used to be an OPI girl but then I discovered Essie and it took over instantly. I decided to go for this one, it's the darkest shade in my picks but sometimes I need a change from the brights and pastels. 

OPI - No Spain No Gain

13. No Spain No Gain - reddish plum

So that concludes my top picks for Spring and Summer, hope you liked it!

Oh and for my current NOTD, I decided to go for Essie's Canyon Coral:

Essie Canyon Coral

Can you tell how much I love Essie nail polishes?? I'm thinking of doing a post on my Essie collection soon, keep a look out for that! 

Essie Canyon Coral is a bright (almost neon) coral red with a glossy cream finish. It's quite hard to capture the exact colour of the nail polish on camera, but in certain lighting the colour is sort of reddish-orange and in others it's a raspberry red with pink undertones.

Natural indoor lighting

Indoor with flash

What are your favourite nail polish colours for Spring/Summer?


  1. what lovely picks! I love the nail polishes of spring and summer they are so colorful!

    1. Thanks! It was so hard to choose, I had too many choices ;)


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