Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Duri Rejuvacote Nail Growth System

I wear nail polish pretty much 90% of the year, constantly switching between colours and hardly ever letting my nails take a breather....and that can really takes its toll! A few month's ago I went through a stage where my nails were constantly peeling and breaking, breakage I've experienced but never peeling! I ended up having short nails for ages until I started using Duri Rejuvacote Nail Growth System from Duri Cosmetics. An ex-colleague of mine raved about it and she had lovely long strong nails so I decided to give it a go.

The instructions suggests to apply Rejuvacote as a base coat, then a nail colour if desired, and then apply daily as a top coat. After a week, remove with nail polish remover and thereafter apply every other day or as needed. I followed these instructions when I first started using this and now I currently use this as my base and top coat... and I must say that my nails have stopped peeling, are less prone to breakage, stronger and longer. The results were not immediate but after a month of using it I've definitely noticed a difference in my nails. I've also noticed that my nails are less stained. It's an okay-ish top coat, doesn't make my nail  polish last as long as Seche Vite top coat does as the colour chips and the tips wear off faster, but I love the results that Rejuvacote gives in terms of the condition and growth of my nails.

I bought mine on Amazon for £9.99, here's the link. Definitely worth trying out if you have brittle nails or if you just want longer nails. Let's face it, who doesn't want stronger and longer nails?!


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