Friday, 18 May 2012

I'm now a Sigma Affiliate! - Sigma F80 Brush and Grasp Eyeshadow Review

I was contacted some time last month by the lovely Vincy at Sigma to see if I was interested in joining the Sigma Affiliate program, and of course I said yes! The program was something I had always been contemplating since I first started my blog. I think Sigma brushes are really great quality and affordable - majority of my make up brushes are actually from Sigma come to think of it! As a welcome gift, Vincy sent me a lovely little Sigma gift...if you'd like to read about my thoughts on it then please do continue reading :)

Ta-dah! It's my all time favourite foundation brush - the Sigma Flat Top Kabuki F80 and an eyeshadow in Grasp from the Dare palette.

The Sigma F80 was actually one of my first Sigma brushes that I bought two Christmases ago when Sigma first released the Sigmax range. I had heard so many rave reviews about the F80 in particular that I knew I wanted to try it...and I fell in love pretty much immediately! I've been using it as my every day foundation brush ever since. I loved it so much that I even bought a back up!

It's a flat top kabuki brush that is made from super soft synthetic bristles (after receiving this new one and touching it, I've been reminded of how soft it is! My current one isn't as soft as this new baby!). It's perfect for liquid and cream products. I mainly use it for liquid foundation, by using it to buff and blend my foundation. It gives a perfect flawless finish! I prefer buffing brushes for foundation as opposed to the tapered flat brushes because I find that the tapered ones make my foundation look very streaky...maybe I'm not using the right technique with it but I've just never really liked using that sort of brush for foundation. Because the F80 is made from synthetic bristles, I find that the foundation just sits on the top of the bristles and doesn't seep into them so you don't use up as much product.

The bristles are packed very densely making it a bit stiffer and makes it easier to control when buffing and blending out the foundation. I have experienced some shedding with my old F80 when I wash it (like one or two bristles, nothing crazy!) which is fine because I mean the bristles are just held by superglue inside the ferrule so some shedding is expected! I try to wash my current F80 brush at least every week or two because as it is an every day foundation brush it's important to keep it clean or else you're just asking for breakouts! I typically let it fully dry for at least 24 hrs which can be annoying sometimes because I wish it could dry faster but no biggie!

Now for the Grasp eyeshadow! I haven't dabbled in Sigma's eyeshadow palettes because it just wasn't something I was interested in trying to be honest. So it was a lovely surprise to receive this, just to see what the quality of the eyeshadows are like and I was especially happy to see that I received a rose gold coloured one! I'm obsessed with rose gold...ah!! Anyway, back to the point, Grasp is a lovely all over the lid colour - I can see myself using a larger shader brush and just sweeping this all over the lid, pop on a thin cat eye and mascara and the look is simple and subtle! The eyeshadow unfortunately does not last long on me and definitely need to prime my lids before applying the eyeshadow. It's an okay-ish shadow but I probably won't be trying out their palettes.

So overall, I'm so happy I received another F80 brush and the eyeshadow is nice to try as well. I've been using my current F80 for almost 2 years now and it's still going strong. Although the bristles aren't as soft as when you first use it, it's still a great foundation brush that I highly recommend! I would like the mention that my reviews on any Sigma products are not influenced by my affiliation to Sigma - all Sigma products will still be reviewed with my 100% honest opinion.

Last but not least, I would just like to thank Vincy again for being so helpful and informative with the whole set up process... sorry about all the questions!! But if any of you are interested in joining the Sigma Affiliate program, then do check it out! I read somewhere that if you join in your own accord, you don't receive a gift but I'm not sure on that one, just wanted to give fair warning if that is the case. Here's the link:

For more information of Sigma's range of brushes, here's my affiliate link if you'd like to use it:

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  1. I just became an affiliate as well! This is an amazing review: so thorough! I'm now following your blog and following you on twitter.



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