Wednesday, 2 May 2012

What's In My Handbag

I've been wanting to do a WIMH for ages, so here it is! If you're curious about what I carry in this big boxy Zara bag do continue reading :)

I've had this Zara structured bag with rose gold hardware for about 2 months now, I bought it in the Brighton branch when I was shopping with some friends. I was on the hunt for it after seeing it on the Zara website (it was the rose gold detail that sold me!), but I didn't see it in the store at first and was slightly disappointed. As we were about to leave the store, I spotted it in the far end of the shop on a top shelf...the last one! I left my friends through mid-conversation, beelined for the bag and realised my little 5ft self couldn't reach it...ha! So then I had to call my taller friend over to help me get the bag down, but at the same time was worried another person would grab the bag! Oh the hilarity of that moment! But anyway, the bag was mine (cue evil laugh)! Unfortunately, I can't remember how much I paid for the bag...I'm gonna say something along the £40 mark, and I believe it's also sold out because I haven't seen it in stores or online, so sorry about that!

Some people may find this bag quite bulky but doesn't bother me too much as I do love my big bags. It's quite spacious so finding things can be a pain sometimes. The bag can be hand-held or you can use the shoulder straps, if you do that the bag sort of rests just between your waist and hips. The sides fold down on both sides like an envelop and are held together a metallic button.

Anyway! Now for the (messy) contents of my bag:

Must haves/Essentials: wallet, iPod, phone, Oyster card, house keys, mirror, scarf, pen
Non-essentials (but I carry it anyway): makeup bag, Kindle, hairbrush
Randoms: receipts, loose change, pack of mint dark chocolate M&M's, Hunger Games cinema ticket, rings, instant photo with a friend

I absolutely LOVE this bag! Zara are hitting the jackpot with so many things right now, especially their clothes and bags. I'm calling it the danger zone. This bag is the perfect balance of smart and casual in my opinion, which is why I use it all the time now. I shall be doing a 'What's in my makeup bag' post next! 


  1. How you went straight for the Zara bag made me laugh, because that's the sort of thing I would do too lol :). And it's a really nice bag!

    Random, but I think I have the same Kindle case as you! Is yours hot pink from Amazon? :)

    1. haha it was so funny, my friends kept laughing at me :D
      Yeah it's hot pink, I got mine at the airport duty free but it's probably the same as the ones on Amazon :)

    2. Hot pink Kindle cases rule! :D

    3. Agreed! I've realised I have a lot of hot pink stuff, love that colour! :D


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