Monday, 25 June 2012

MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo

My first MAC lipstick! Funnily enough I actually don't own that many MAC products in my makeup collection but recently I've been tempted into trying out more MAC products. So I decided to pick up Ruby Woo - a cult classic!

It's a matte blue-toned red that is just simply gorgeous! Very bright, very matte (some might find it a bit too drying but it is okay on me) and very red! It is a bit harder to apply than most lipsticks because of how matte it is, you tend to have to drag it on your lips and might even need to go over the colour again for a more even colour. I wouldn't recommend this for dry lips because it will just accentuate the dryness and lines of your lips. But once Ruby Woo on, it hardy budges for at least 5 - 6 hours! It didn't transfer during the first few hours and that was with me eating and drinking. It was after 6 hours or so that the colour started to fade and needed reapplying. Ruby Woo has now become my favourite matte red lipstick (it used to be Revlon's In the Red matte lipstick), truly matte and it's the kind of red that makes your teeth look whiter. I'm also thinking of getting Russian Red but when swatched it looked like Revlon's In the Red was a very close dupe. So maybe I'll get it once my Revlon one is finished.


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  1. Pretty! one of my fave's as well


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