Wednesday, 11 July 2012

My Inglot Eye Shadow Palette

I've always wanted to create my own palette so I couldn't resist Inglot's Freedom System where you get to choose your own blush, lip colour, eyeshadow, pressed powder, concealer, etc and build your very own custom palette!

I bought my palette at the Inglot store at Westfield in Shepherd's Bush and basically you get given a magnetic board where you then pick out the colours that you want, once you're done just give the board to the sales assistant and they will get the individually packaged products for you. Or if you're stuck on what colours to get, the sales assistants are super helpful too! You can then unpackage the products (which is a bit fiddly, hence why the bronze gold shadow is a bit damaged) and place them into the magnetic palette and voila!....You have your very own palette!

I decided to go for a more neutral quad eyeshadow palette...after choosing all the colours I realised it looks very similar to Illamasqua's neutral palette which I love but don't own....yet! I wanted a palette that I can use for day and night time, I have the UD Naked palette but it's a bit bulky to travel with so I wanted something smaller. Unfortunately with the Inglot shadows they only have numbers (not names) and I can't for the life of me remember the numbers because I threw the packaging away (sorry!!). Here are swatches the shadows I picked up:

I LOVE the bronze gold colour, sooo pretty! The highlight/all-over-the-lid colour is quite a close dupe to MAC's Ricepaper. I kind of wish the black shadow was a bit more pigmented and darker, but I was told that was their darkest matte black available. All in all, I do really love this palette!

My complete palette cost me £23 (if I remember correctly) which I think is a pretty reasonable price for the quality of the shadows and the customised aspect of it. You also get a lot of product for the price which is always a plus! Definitely go check out Inglot if you want to build your own customised palette...I'm tempted to go build another one soon!


  1. I had a browse of that Inglot store a couple weeks back and have been considering putting together a neutral palette. The quality looks gorgeous and you picked some nice shades; I just need to get myself back into wearing eyeshadow again before I can justify the purchase. :)

    1. Thanks :) Yeah I know what you mean about justifying the purchase haha! Let me know when you get it, would love to see what you put together xx

  2. that golden shade looks really pretty :) I just got a palette of 5 today and i love it so far!

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