Tuesday, 16 October 2012

New shoes: Black studded flats!

I recently bought these shoes on sale from The Walker Shop, which is a shoe store in Hong Kong. I spotted them immediately because they look very similar to the Zara Studded Pony Skin Slippers, only that the studs aren't pointy like the Zara ones. I've been wanting flats like these for ages but can never find any that looked right on my feet...what with my flat-footedness and all! But these ones don't look too bad and hopefully once I break them in, they should be more comfortable...as of yet, they've given me blisters at the backs of my ankles! When I first tried these on, I did feel that the hairiness of the shoes took some getting used to and I still kinda feel that way but all in all I'm really liking these shoes!


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