Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Real Techniques Brushes - Core Collection

Real Techniques Core Collection

Ever since I purchased my first Real Techniques brush, the Blush brush, I was completely hooked...as do all those who have tried these wonderful brushes out! I now own quite a few of the brushes in the Real Techniques range, but today's post is on their Core Collection set.

This amazing four piece set consists of (from top to bottom):

- Contour brush: great for applying very precise contour, especially on the cheekbones
- Pointed foundation brush: I tend to use this for concealer
- Detailer brush: applying lipstick for a more precise perfect finish
- Buffing brush: great for applying any kind of foundation
- A brush case/ stand

Real Techniques Core Collection

All the brushes are extremely soft and made from synthetic taklon bristles hence they are cruelty-free and also don't take up too much product because the products sits on top and don't soak into the bristles.

My favourite brush from this set is of course the Buffing brush and to be quite honest with you I pretty much bought this set solely because of it. Is it worth it, you ask? Why yes! It totally is!! Not that I don't love or use the other brushes but the Buffing brush has become a staple in my foundation routine. As much as I love the Sigma F80 flat top kabuki brush... I gotta say the RT Buffing brush has taken first place and will probably stay there! It's extremely soft on the skin and gives a beautiful flawless finish! Not to mention, all these brushes also dry very quickly when I wash them compared to a lot of my other brushes and I have not experience any shedding. I wish the Buffing brush could be sold on its own but I would definitely repurchase this set if I ever need to replace the Buffing brush... it's just THAT AMAZING!

Available in Boots and a few other online retailers for £21.99. A bargain, I tell ya! You're getting great quality brushes for a very reasonable price. If you haven't tried Real Techniques brushes yet then I would say go check them out... you won't regret it!


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