Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Love by Chloe

I got Love by Chloe as a Christmas gift from a friend when the perfume first came out and I liked it when I tested it out on those tester paper thingys (What are they called?), but since getting it and trying it on my skin I found it too strong for me so I've left it alone for quite a while. But recently, I decided to give it another chance and I've decided that I quite like it for the Autumn/Winter months. The notes include orange blossom, pink pepper, iris, lilac, hyacinth, wisteria blossom, powdery musks, talc and rice powder. In simpler words, the perfume is very feminine, sensual and sophisticated with a mostly powdery floral scent. I think what I didn't like about this perfume at first was the overall powdery scent, it's quite strong I must say! I personally found it too strong as an every day perfume. However, I'm currently loving it and have been wearing it every day. I spray this once on my wrists, rub them together and then rub my wrists on both sides of my neck...and one spray is all you need! The powdery scent does die down after several hours and you get more of a sensual floral scent. It's an eau de parfum...and being so strong...the scent stays on for the whole day!

Have you tried Love by Chloe? If yes, what do you think of it?

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  1. This is one of my all time favourite perfumes. I absolutely adore it x


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