Monday, 19 November 2012

Origins Masks - Out of Trouble, Clear Improvement and Drink Up

I recently bought this Origins Christmas gift set that consists of three masks - Out of Trouble, Clear Improvement and Drink Up. The combination of these three masks have been doing wonders for my oily combination skin! For several months now, if I have makeup on I'm literally shiny within an hour or if I don't I'm shiny within 2 - 3 hours.... It's super annoying, I tell ya! So I went by an Origins counter recently and checked out their Christmas gift sets (which are all such good value for money!), I came across this three piece mask set and was sold! I've not delved much into Origins skincare, prior to this I only owned their Drink Up Intensive Overnight mask which I absolutely love so I thought I'd try out this set...and so far I love it!

Out of Trouble is a 10 minute mask that claims to help rescue problematic skin. It helps with controlling excess oil and removes any impurities from the skin. Great for combination skin.

Clear Improvement is an active charcoal mask that helps to clear clogged pores, the charcoal ingredient draws up any impurities that are blocking the pores, leaving the skin clearer and brighter. Great for all skin types.

Drink Up is a 10 minute mask that provides the skin with instant moisture and so hydrates the skin. Great for dehydrated and combination dry skin.

The way I use these three masks is to first cleanse my face (and remove all makeup if I'm wearing any that day), then use a hot towel over my face to help open up the pores (or straight after a hot shower) and use Clear Improvement on my T-Zone area and Out of Trouble on my cheeks, leave it on for about 8 - 10 minutes and then rinse off. My skin is left feeling very soft and clear. Then I go in with Drink Up for another 10 minutes and rinse off, or you can also go in with Drink Up Intensive and leave it on overnight for extra hydration. Now, I know you may think it's a bit too much of a hassle but I've found that using the 3 masks this way has really helped with controlling the excess oils on my face (THANK GOODNESS!).

Overall, I think this set is great! I bought this in Hong Kong for under HKD 500, all three masks are 75ml, only 25ml less than their full-sized versions,....bargain! Do go check out your closest Origins counter ASAP if you're interested because I hear their Christmas gift sets always sell out really fast, but in case you can't get your hands on the set, all three of the masks are also sold separately, full sized (100ml)


  1. I've loved all the Origins products I've tried so far and am thinking of going for one of these three masks next. I love the routine you have of using them on target areas. Might give it a go. :)

    1. Yeah I'm thinking of using their skincare range for combination skin next after I'm done with my current routine. I would say my favourites from these three are the Clear Improvement and Drink Up, but the combination is great! :)


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