Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Nudes in 050 Moulin Rouge Light

I picked up this Catrice Cosmetics Ultimate Nudes nail polish in Moulin Rouge Light during my trip to Thailand. I first heard about Catrice Cosmetics through a friend of mine from Germany, she knows I love makeup so for my birthday sent me a bunch of limited edition Catrice goodies for me to try since I've never tried this brand before.

From what I gather, Catrice Cosmetics is a very affordable European drugstore brand that can be found in Germany, Austria, Croatia, Spain, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary and Portugal, according to their website. I've never seen this brand in the UK or in HK but I did see a small stand in a store in Bangkok (the store's name is Loft). So of course I had to check it out since I loved all the products that my friend bought me.

My eyes went straight to the nail polishes section, in particular Moulin Rouge Light which is a really pretty cream finish peachy nude, and for some reason I read the "Ultimate" bit as "Ulti - MATTE" (I'm not sure why... I think I may have been tired after a long day of touristy adventures) and got super excited ... I was thinking "Ooohh a matte nude! That's something kinda different and I don't have!". Foolishly, it was only after my return to HK and during the moment I decided to paint this colour on my nails that I realised it is in fact NOT a matte nail polish but instead an ULTIMATE nude polish. Doh! Anyway.... This nail polish comes with one of those wide brushes which applied the nail polish like a dream! Two coats and it's pretty much opaque, topped it off with a layer of Seche Vite top coat and the colour is still going strong since Saturday!

Have you tried anything from Catrice Cosmetics before?

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  1. omg this is so gorgeous.. and ur nails look perfect!! :) xx


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