Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Setting Sprays... My Makeup Essential!

The day I discovered the wonders of make up setting sprays was definitely a monumental day in my life! A spray that helps your make up last all day?? Don't mind if I do!

My first one was the Urban Decay All Nighter Make Up Setting Spray which claims to keep make up looking fresh for up to 16 hours and is suitable for all skin types. I found this gave me a dewy look throughout the day. However, I prefer more of a matte look so I picked up the UD De Slick Oil-Control Make Up Setting Spray, which is great for oily skin types that want their makeup to last. I love setting sprays so much that I picked it up in a XL version! I also recently picked up the Skindinavia No More Shine setting spray when I came back to Hong Kong because my UD De Slick spray was being shipped from UK to HK and I realised I could not do without a setting spray! Both sprays are very similar since the UD setting sprays formulas are all provided by Skindinavia, so I knew that I was getting a product that works.

The way I use a setting sprays is after moisturiser and sunscreen, I shake the bottle vigorously and spray it all over my face 3 - 4 times and let it dry. Then go on with my makeup routine and after all that's done, I shake the setting spray bottle again and spray it all over my face 3 - 4 times again.... and there you have it!  My makeup lasts me all day and I don't usually have to reapply (I don't like reapplying makeup throughout the day anyway...unless I absolutely have to of course!). Setting sprays are also really great as a refresher or for removing any cakiness.

*UPDATE* Another way of using the spray is the spray it after foundation and concealer, wait for it to dry, set it with powder, continue with rest of face makeup (blush, contour, etc.) and finally spritz spray again. I've found that this process helps keep my face matte for longer compared to the first routine.

Setting sprays have definitely become a makeup staple for me, especially on days where I wear a full face of makeup and am out and about all day. Both Urban Decay and Skindinavia work the same way on me and are in a similar price range, so I can't really say which I prefer more. Both brands also have a range of different setting sprays that cater to different skin types, so if you are interested in trying setting sprays then there's definitely something that will suit you!

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