Monday, 3 December 2012

Soap and Glory Glossed For Words Gift Set

I recently took a small trip to Bangkok and on my To Do List was definitely a visit or three to Boots! My don't know how much I miss and love this store! When I was in the UK, I would go into a Boots almost 3 times a week (sometimes more!) and I would always find one thing or another to buy. One of the brands I miss the most is Soap and Glory, so you best know that I stocked up on a few things! I picked up one of the Christmas gift sets - Glossed for Words, which is a 5-piece set of their Sexy Mother Pucker glosses.

Top to bottom: Clear, Candy Gloss, Yummy Plum , Half Naked, and Punch Bowl

If you don't know already, the Sexy Mother Pucker glosses are 'lip plumping' glosses, so after a minute or so of application you'll start feeling a tingling sensation and lips look plumper than normal, the effect wears off after an hour or so. Some people might not like the tingling feeling but I don't really mind it. I have quite big lips already so I can't tell you how much bigger these glosses will enlarge the lips but on me I can see that my lips are a bit plumper than usual. These glosses can get a bit sticky but I also find them moisturising too. All 5 glosses come with 3ml of product and come in a variety of very wearable colours:

From left to right: Clear, Candy Gloss, Yummy Plum, Half Naked, , and Punch Bowl

From left to right:
Clear - transparent (self-explanatory really!)
Candy Gloss - peachy champagne with gold and silver shimmer
Yummy Plum - orangey red
Half Naked - nude mauve
Punch Bowl - Barbie pink

The set also comes with a small pouch that is handy for carrying smalls bits of make up around. I think this is really cute!

I think this is a really good stocking filler for ladies who love a bit of lipgloss plumping action (okay, that sounds weird...!) If you can still find this in Boots and you're interested in getting this little gift set, then grab it before it sells out! Available in Boots for £18 (Of course, take advantage of the 3 for 2 offers!)

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