Monday, 11 February 2013

Forever 21 Jewellery Haul!

I personally think that Forever 21 do some really good affordable jewellery but I always get so overwhelmed in their accessories section (and their clothes section for that matter!), there's always so much going on in that store and everything is all over the place. I recently went to Forever 21 in Causeway Bay and my sole purpose was to check out their jewellery section because I really wanted some chunky chain necklaces and I definitely found a few as well as other pieces!

I'm not going to go through everything, but I've picked out a few I've been wearing a lot lately. On a side note though, I was so disappointed when I was taking photos of the moustache necklace and realised it was actually faulty! I couldn't return it so I had to break off the other side to make it even...

I picked up this bronze coppery cross ring which I've been loving! I'm really into this colour of "metal" right now... both my watch and phone case is this colour, such a pretty wearable colour!

I also really like this short rose gold bow necklace, very sweet and dainty!

Now let's get to my sole purpose of my Forever 21 jewellery haul! I've been pairing this silver stud chain with a button-up denim shirt, it sits perfectly just below the collar. This would also look great with a black shirt or top. It's also a good sturdy weight which is like!

I've been wearing the hell out of this gold chain since I bought it, it dresses up a simple outfit in seconds! It's not as heavy as the silver one above, I would prefer that it was a bit heavier but it's okay. I've been pairing this with baggy jumpers and plain t-shirts/shirts. I love it so much that I bought the silver version on another F21 trip.

Hope you liked my Forever 21 jewellery haul!


  1. This is surely a great collection of jewellery which is quite different from the Traditional Jewellery of India & other Asian Nations. I loved the Moustache Necklace as it has a very unique design. Thanks for posting these pictures dedicated to Fashion Jewellery.

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