Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Jo Malone Limited Edition Elderflower and Gooseberry Cologne (Sugar & Spice Collection)

The recently launched limited edition Sugar & Spice Collection from Jo Malone comprises of five fragrances that embodies what I can only describe as "
yummmmm.......". The scents are as follows... brace yourselves because you may likely be mentally transported to the Land of Yummmmm... Bitter Orange & Chocolate - a very sweet and almost smells like it could be edible dark chocolate laced with orange peel scent, Redcurrant & Cream - a slightly musky sweet fruity summer scent, Ginger Biscuit - literally smells like a ginger biscuit, Lemon Tart - refreshing citrus-y fruity scent, and last but not least, the one that I instantly knew I wanted to check out just from reading its name - Elderflower & Gooseberry! Key word here being elderflower... I LOVE elderflower. The scent described on the Jo Malone website:

"A voluptuous gooseberry fool. Crushed, summer-green gooseberries, juicy with lychee, enfolded into the soft delicacy of elderflower. Tender and feminine."

Oh mah goodness gracious me! For my first Jo Malone purchase, I must say that I made a pretty good choice! I also really liked the Earl Grey and Cucumber which I definitely want to get once it's back in stock again at the store I went to. Now back to the E&G fragrance, need I say I absolutely love it? Yeah. It's great on it's own and it's also great layered with other fragrances which is a key aspect of Jo Malone fragrances. I was advised by the lovely sales assistant  (more on that in the next section) that E&G is lovely when layered with English Pear & Freesia (which gave it a sweeter summery scent) or Wild Bluebell (which gave it a woody floral scent). Out of the two he recommended, I liked the latter more. 

Now let's briefly talk about my customer experience with the lovely sales assistant who was freaking awesome! He was so nice, helpful, knew his Jo Malone fragrances and I was simply so impressed by his customer services that it was partly the reason I bought the perfume in the end despite the extremely costly price! Now I'm sure other Jo Malone sales assistants could be just as awesome but I've experienced some pretty bad customer service from high-end beauty counters in general which always puts me off, so this was a refreshing and welcome experience. Oh! And bonus points to him for giving me mini samples of both scents he recommended for layering. I kind of want to give him an award for Employee of the Month or Top Customer Service or something! Okay I'll stop now.

I've been wanting to wear this perfume every day since I bought it but I have to stop myself and save it for special occasions because it's so blooming expensive and is only 30ml! On days that I have worn it, I found that it stayed on me for at least a good 12 hours, which is pretty impressive in my books! The size is also handbag and travel friendly which is always a plus. I hope this purchase doesn't start an obsession for Jo Malone fragrances... although the Earl Grey and Cucumber one is already on my wishlist so maybe I've already been sucked in!

Did you get any fragrances from the Sugar & Spice Collection?


  1. I absolutely love the staff that work in Jo Malone boutiques. They are so friendly, knowledgeable, helpful and really want to make sure you purchase the scent that is right for you.

  2. Hey! I've really enjoyed reading your blog and I would like to nominate you for the Liebster Blog Award :) I appreciate it takes a while to answer all the questions, but you can find your nomination here:
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    Tara xox

    1. Thank you so much! I've replied on your post :)


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