Monday, 10 November 2014

diptyque Eau Duelle

The Essie Button Effect is real people! I'm not even kidding, right after watching Estee's October Beauty Favourites video where she talked about the amazing scent that is the diptyque Eau Duelle perfume, I had this legit overpowering urge to rush out to the nearest mall that stocked diptyque just to smell it for myself.... and I did.

Now I must say that on first impression, I found Eau Duelle to be a very interesting scent and not something I would usually go for. The note you get is definitely some concoction of spices and then the sweet, seductive vanilla scent comes through after the perfume has settled on your skin. I usually love the scent of vanilla but spices is something I don't usually go for in perfumes. Since this is quite the investment and also my first diptyque perfume, I did the responsible thing and spritzed it on myself, continued shopping elsewhere, and allowed the perfume to slowly grow on me. It did and I've been wearing it every day ever since. I also like to pair it with Escentric Molecules 01 which I find goes really nicely with Eau Duelle. As an EdT, it lasts about 7-8 hours on me...I think once I'm finished with the EdT, I will definitely be getting the Eau de Parfum version!

Make sure you check out Estee's October Beauty Favourites video for her other favourites (Warning: You may experience The Effect too) and if you're near a diptyque shop definitely try out Eau Duelle for youself.

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