Monday, 2 February 2015

Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black Perfume

I'm slowly going through my first ever Sephora haul, so here's another gem, the Elizabeth and James Nirvana Black perfume.

Elizabeth and James is a fashion and beauty line designed by the ever cool and chic, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. While E&J clothing and accessories can be found in various different outlets, the collection of perfumes is currently exclusive to Sephora only. The perfumes come in roller ball, eau de parfum and most recently solid versions, and prices range between USD$22-$75.

I've had my eyes on the E&J perfumes ever since it first came to the attention of the beauty blogosphere, mainly because...come on... look at the packaging?! It totally screams Olsen twins! The packaging comes in white or black with gold accents on the side, and each perfume is very different from one another and can be worn on its own or layered together. Nirvana White is more floral and muskier while Nirvana Black is more woody and seductive. 

I opted for Nirvana Black because from reading descriptions and watching YouTube reviews, which was unfortunately the only thing I had to go on, it seemed like the one I would gravitate more towards (I'm currently very into woody scents...). Of course, being the make-up hoarder that I am, I would have liked the white one as well. Come to think of it now, I could have added roller ball versions to my shopping list.

Nirvana Black contains notes of violet, sandalwood and vanilla making it a very good balance between masculine and feminine scents. It's a strong scent though and a little goes a long way. I personally prefer to layer it with a more fresh scent for daytime wear or wear it on its own for nights out, but I do think it's more suited for special occasions than everyday wear.

I'm intrigued to smell what Nirvana White is like, it seems like it might be more suited for daily wear. Perhaps another item for my US trip shopping list...whenever that's going to happen!

Have you tried the Elizabeth and James Nirvana perfumes - which one do you prefer?

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