Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Tapered Blush Brush | Bold Metals Collection by Real Techniques

The Real Techniques brushes are one of my all-time favourites brushes to use and are my daily go-to brushes. Simply brilliant quality. So when they released the Bold Metals Collection, Sam & Nic Chapman of Pixiwoos' new line of luxury makeup brushes, I was aching to get my hands on them. The Bold Metals Collection consists of 7 brushes for different functions, all made with incredibly soft synthetic bristles (even softer than the original RT line) with premium quality metallic ferrules/handles that give the brush a good 'weighty' feel. The Gold handles are for bases, Platinum for eyes and Rose Gold for finishes.

Thursday, 9 April 2015

My Top 5 | Liquid Eyeliners

First thing's first, a look is not complete without a good set of winged eyeliner for me - it makes a huge difference to the overall look and also elongates the eyes and makes them look bigger. I've used pencil liner, gel liner, eyeshadow (you name it!) to create the perfect winged eye but I personally find that nothing beats liquid liner! You get a clean precise thin or thick line and in my experience liquid liners last the longest on me... especially for my oily lids. This brings me to today's long overdue post on my favourite liquid eyeliners.
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