Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Tapered Blush Brush | Bold Metals Collection by Real Techniques

The Real Techniques brushes are one of my all-time favourites brushes to use and are my daily go-to brushes. Simply brilliant quality. So when they released the Bold Metals Collection, Sam & Nic Chapman of Pixiwoos' new line of luxury makeup brushes, I was aching to get my hands on them. The Bold Metals Collection consists of 7 brushes for different functions, all made with incredibly soft synthetic bristles (even softer than the original RT line) with premium quality metallic ferrules/handles that give the brush a good 'weighty' feel. The Gold handles are for bases, Platinum for eyes and Rose Gold for finishes.

I mean if you don't know this already I'm obsessed with golds and rose golds and there are a few brushes in this collection that I basically needed in my life, namely the arched powder brush in gold, the tapered blush brush and the flat contour brush, both in rose gold. Unfortunately they're not that accessible in HK but luckily I had a friend visiting from the UK so that was definitely on the top of my shopping list for her. She was only able to get the Tapered Blush brush as the other two were out of stock at the time so will definitely be getting someone else to get me the other two when they're back in stock. 

This feels so freaking soft on my face! Every time I use it, I'm just like ahhh..... The brush picks up just the right about of powder and allows you to build up the colour if needed. It's primarily used for applying blushes of course but it's also great for contour, highlight and finishing powders, the shape allows you to precisely apply powders onto any area. 

I can't wait to try the other brushes now!


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